Enjoy the beats of Africa. Africa is a natural land for entertainment, we cover music, concerts, movies, comedies, events, celebrity interviews, lifestyle, culture, arts, and many more.


OpenTalk channel is about open conversations, townhalls discussion, workshops, training, enlightenment video, life experience discussion, interaction, and many more.


The business channel covers business in Africa, Africans in the diaspora businesses and exploits, emerging markets, stock market, trade deals, real estate, and agriculture. Showcasing the business potential of Africa and help it grow.


Our Technologies channel is about emerging technologies in Africa, Africans and technology achievements, effects of technologies in African development, how technology is changing Africa, getting Africans involved and invested in technology. Place of Africa and the new age technologies.


In-depth or documentary channel takes a critical and in-depth look at everything Africa, history, culture, arts, tourism, development, politics, evolving or changing lifestyle. We let African tell African stories with facts.