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Tigray responds to ENDF's claim | Presidential spokesperson responded to this claim of ENDF Officer

Tigray responds to ENDF’s claim | Presidential spokesperson responded to this claim of ENDF Officer
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Today news stories is from

tigray we know that yesterday an endf

officer a major general the show me

gamacho claimed that only endf was

operating In tigray and no other security

forces were In tigray. we were waiting for

official response from tigray Regional

government and Gatachew reda tigray

presidential spokesperson responded to

this claim of endf Officer just five

minutes ago what did gatachew say ?

Major general the show me gamacho
is from end of video on his briefing

which happened yesterday.

Major general the show me gamacho

briefed military officials

from different countries and uh

humanitarian organizations

and Africa Union officials.

the briefing was held in

addis ababa. it was yesterday I think and

he claimed that only endf was operating

In tigray no other force was

operating In tigray.

now we’re waiting for official position

of Tigray Regional government or Tigray

officials, Tigray New sources. they’ve been

claiming that Eritrean military amhara

forces are operating In tigray so now

official response has come.

Gatachew reda Tigray presidential

spokesperson…………………… five minutes ago in a

message said that the report the claim

by endf officer was factually incorrect.

he said thousands of Eritrean and amhara

forces are still In tigray. thousands

a big number

and thirdly said that it was African

Union observers job to

speak about the completion of withdrawal.

when it will happen

and Africa Union observers they have not

spoken so far about withdrawal

and it’s not expected anytime soon, so in

a way he criticized African Union

observers too that their speed of

monitoring the withdrawal is slow.

he said lots of work

needs to be done regarding withdrawal. it

means that Tigray’s

official position now is that thousands

of amhara forces an Eritrean

soldiers are still In Tigray. it’s not a

rumor. it’s their official position.

and tigray i think includes Raya and volkaid

in tigray. which were part of Tigray.

before the start of war and in both

these zones. there is presence of Amara


uh maybe Eritrean military too

especially in Valkaid.

so that is why, but is there any presence

of amhara forces and Eritrean military

in tigray other than Raya and volkaid.

I think in coming days things will be

clear but just three days ago Washington

Post and some other news outlets

published article and they said locals

were confirming the presence of Eritrean

military and amhara forces In tigray.

so in coming days more evidence will

come so far we have shared with you the

position of both sides.

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