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The Best Business Show with Anthony Pompliano – Episode #104

SoFi is the exclusive partner app of The Best Business Show. Visit for more info and start investing today

The Best Business Show is a daily show from 11-1 EST brought to you by Anthony Pompliano. Pomp will be discussing a wide range of topics from Bitcoin, Finance, Cryptocurrencies & everything in between.

Pomp writes a daily letter to over 200,000 investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy-to-understand language while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at

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0:00 – Countdown
0:26 – START SHOW – Buy The Christmas Merch!
2:09 – SoFi – Join The Diamond Hands Club
3:20 – Buy The Merch
5:30 – Congress Proposes Raising Debt Ceiling By $2T
23:40 – Like The Video For BTC Giveaway
23:50 – Billionaire’s Share Of Global Wealth Soars
33:25 – BTC Giveaway!
33:48 – Tom Bilyeu LIVE – Founder & CEO of Impact Theory – Talking NFTs and IP
1:03:30 – Interview Reaction – Discussing Brands and NFTs
1:05:00 – BTC Giveaway Winner!
1:05:50 – Nick Rose – Eternity Chain Founder & CEO – Massive Brand Deals For NFTs On Ethernity
1:31:25 – Interview Reaction – How Much Would Someone Spend on an NFT To Play In NBA Game?
1:35:00 – BTC Giveaway Winner!
1:35:40 – Ryan Moore – CEO of Mode – U.K. Publicity Traded Company With Bitcoin On Balance Sheet – Bitcoin Exchange
1:52:09 – BREAKING NEWS – Twitter is Censoring Major Accounts!
1:59:40 – Sign Up For SoFi – Pay Off Your Credit Card – See You Tomorrow!

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