Coronavirus pandemic: South Africa's Ramaphosa slams travel ban, 'vaccine apartheid' • FRANCE 24

Travel restrictions imposed on #SouthAfrica and other African nations are hypocritical, harsh and not supported by science, South Africa’s President Cyril #Ramaphosa said Monday. Ramaphosa also accused richer nations of ordering more #vaccines than their populations required, leaving only “crumbs from their table” for poorer countries. FRANCE 24’s Marc Perelman tells us more. 🔔 Subscribe […]

Ethiopia says UN staff will face penalties if they break the law • FRANCE 24 English

Ethiopian staff working for the United Nations or African Union do not live “in space” and will be punished for any lawbreaking, the government said on Thursday, after the arrest of several UN employees for unspecified offences. #Africa #Tigray #UnitedNations #war 🔔 Subscribe to France 24 now: 🔴 LIVE – Watch FRANCE 24 English […]