African Union condemns ‘wave’ of coups, suspends debate on Israel ties • FRANCE 24 English

The African Union has condemned a recent “wave” of military coups that has seen an unprecedented number of member states suspended from the bloc, a senior official said Sunday, the last day of its annual summit. #AfricanUnion #wave #Israel 🔔 Subscribe to France 24 now: 🔴 LIVE – Watch FRANCE 24 English 24/7 here: […]

ECOWAS holds emergency summit after coups in West Africa

West African regional bloc ECOWAS has held an emergency summit to discuss recent coups in the region. They are calling for a democratic transition in Burkina Faso. And they have agreed to send military forces to stabilise Guinea-Bissau. Al Jazeera’s @Ahmed Idris reports from the talks in Ghana’s capital, Accra. – Subscribe to our channel: […]

🇧🇫 What's next for Burkina Faso? | The Stream

West Africa has been hit by a wave of coups over the last 18 months, with governments being overthrown in Mali, Guinea, Chad and, last week, Burkina Faso. On Tuesday, in the latest attempted putsch, which appears to have failed, armed men surrounded the government palace in Guinea Bissau. In this episode of The Stream, […]