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How This Company Is Making Spaceflight Greener With Biofuels | Business of Climate Change | Forbes

Over the last 20 years, the same technology that has powered the revolution in smartphones has also powered a new generation of space technology. 

Billions of dollars of investment capital are now being poured into satellites which in turn is creating greater demand for rockets to send those satellites up to space with companies like SpaceX and Rocket Lab launching at a steadily faster rate. 

The increase in rocket launches also creates an increase in pollution, as the powerful engines burn fossil fuels like kerosene or methane to power them to the stars. 

But there are entrepreneurs looking to reduce that pollution. In comes bluShift Aerospace, which is makes bio-derived fuel-based rockets.

Business of Climate Change explores the industries that are most implicated in climate change — and the companies working to fix that. Forbes’ Senior Science Editor discusses the promise of these solutions with industry experts, scientists and entrepreneurs.

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