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How Cryptocurrency has Democratised Finance

From Cryptocurrencies to NFTs: Reconceptualising Value

When the internet was first created, it was simply a space to exchange information, and in its early days, cyberspace was seen as a new kind of realm, free from the “weary giants of flesh and steel”. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs were in many ways an attempt to revitalise that original ideal, an attempt to reconceptualise value, outside of the bounds of brick-and-mortar institutions. However, where value is generated, can attempts to restrict it be that far behind?

Terence-Hari Fernandes
Co-Founder, Lekh Haq

Lucy Corkin
Business Manager, Rand Merchant Bank

Lior Messika
Founder & Managing Partner, Eden Block

Moderator – Sidhartha Shukla
Senior Staff Writer, ET Prime

#Cryptocurrency #NFT #Finance

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