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Fleeing African and Indian students face racism at Ukraine border

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters a fifth day, an outpouring of support for Ukrainians has been witnessed across much of Europe, Australia, and the West in general.
Tens of thousands of international students have been stuck in Ukraine since the war started.
African and Indian students stranded in Ukraine are accusing officials of discriminating against them and pushing them back from getting to the border.
Videos have been posted on social media that are said to show black people being prevented from boarding a train and left stranded at a railway station in Lviv, as Ukrainians were allowed on.
Others said they were turned back from a border and were being shot at.
Indian students also claim Ukrainian guards on the Polish border, beat them up and did not allow them to cross.

Monika Matus is a human rights activist working for the NGO ‘Grupa Granica’.
She joins us live on Skype from Warsaw to discuss this.

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