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CBC News: The National | B.C. flood disaster, EV tax credit dispute, PCR tests

Nov. 17, 2021 | The B.C. government declares a state of emergency after widespread flooding devastates communities. Biden’s EV tax credit creates tension ahead of the North American Leaders’ Summit. Plus, sources tell CBC News that Ottawa will nix the PCR test requirement for short foreign trips abroad.

00:00 The National for Nov. 17, 2021
01:17 B.C. declares state of emergency
02:01 Scramble to protect Abbotsford, B.C.
05:56 B.C. communities run low on supplies
09:07 Military deployed to help in B.C.
09:42 Wildfires worsen flooding, mudslides
12:03 House washes away in floodwaters
13:27 What’s in the forecast for B.C.
15:04 Rebuilding B.C. supply chain routes
17:19 Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun
20:22 PM Trudeau goes to Washington
22:50 PCR test requirements for travellers
25:02 N.S. church linked to COVID-19 deaths
27:47 Scope of the damage in Abbotsford, B.C.
28:09 The moment a mudslide her car
32:28 Abbotsford’s flooding vulnerability
35:29 How to prepare for future floods
39:01 Supply chain, weather driving up inflation
41:52 The Moment

#BCfloods #Abbotsford #PCRtests

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