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African activists demand action on climate change | DW News

The COP26 summit is underway in Glasgow, with African leaders demanding climate justice and more support from rich nations. While the continent is responsible for just 3 percent of global emissions, it remains the most vulnerable to global warming. Young activists are playing a major part to highlight the crisis. One woman is leading the fight against climate change in Nigeria.
Using a video blog as her fighting tool, Oladosu Adenike is one of Africa’s most vocal environmental activists. Having studied agriculture, the 27 year old has always had a love for the environment. But it was after meeting Greta Thunberg at the 2019 COP conference in Madrid that she was inspired to take further action. Standing alone, she started the Fridays for Future movement in Nigeria.
One year into protesting every Friday and giving talks, Oladosu realized that there was a lack of knowledge about climate change on the continent. So she started her own pan- African climate justice movement and website where she writes about how Africa specifically is affected.
As an eco-feminist, Oladosu’s work also focuses on how environmental rights are connected with women’s rights. She regularly visits female farmers to teach them how to care for their environment and adapt better to the changes.
Her greatest passion is inspiring children and getting them involved in climate activism. At schools she teaches about recycling and planting trees.
For Oladosu, climate education is the only way to secure their future. Oladosu believes that everyone- regardless of age can and should do something to protect the planet.


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