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AD 2021: Stability Challenges in Africa: Rethinking Efforts

Stability is a key element to unlock Africa’s untapped potential. Besides preventing several deaths and forced population displacement, stability is a prerequisite for democracy-building and investment attraction in the continent. For the past decades, many policies have been implemented to resolve the problem of stability in Africa. Many of these efforts have failed to encompass the complexity and the particularity of the continent. Most of these solutions have also been imported from outside Africa (e.g. international peacekeeping, foreign military interventions, foreign reports and recommendations). Today, many voices recommend thinking about solutions within the African framework. In addition, they advocate for the implementation of these policies via African institutions. In fact, some initiatives have been implemented by regional institutions (e.g. ECOWAS’ sanctions on military rulers of Sierra Leone). Furthermore, this paradigm shift should be most and foremost thought of by African experts and intellectuals on the basis of Africa’s day-to-day reality. In this regard, we will address stability stakes in today’s Africa. We will also apprehend previous and current efforts to stabilise the continent. Finally, we will discuss some original mechanisms to achieve Africa’s stability.
What are the issues at stake behind Africa’s stability?
Why previous policies have failed to revolve stability challenges in Africa?
What is the role of African institutions in achieving the continent’s stability?
How can we innovate in stability mechanisms in Africa?

Moderator: Yonas Adeto, Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS)


– Bineta Diop, Special Envoy on Women Peace & Security, African Union Commission
– Francis Ofori, Commandant, Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC), Ghana
– J. Peter Pham, Distinguished Fellow, Atlantic Council ; Former United States Special Envoy for the Sahel Region, USA

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