About Us

Afranax TV is a Diverse television channel based in the USA. Afranax TV is an independent channel that started its transmission in 2021 and appeals to a variety of African communities irrespective of ethnic and religious background. Our programs include business, technologies, news, entertainment, lifestyle, local events, documentaries, etc.

Research and Development

Afranax TV has been committed to conducting ad hoc research since its inception and has a dedicated team in this field. Our research helps us provide an understanding of the values, attitudes, lifestyles, and personal and business needs of all our viewers. As a result, we are constantly evaluating the contents of our programs.


Afranax TV is committed to delivering quality programs for the whole business community and has a special place for the local African community with Local programming, public affairs, and entertainment programs, Afranax TV will always bring the best programs from the subcontinent in various languages.

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